Friday, 18 May 2012

The Writer In You Blog Hop (2)

The Writer in You Blog Hop!
The Writer in You Blog Hop is hosted by The Fiction Diaries.
There'll be a question relating to "writing" each Saturday.
This week's question is:

Q: What is your favorite thing about your current WIP?

This is the first WIP I did an outline for. I did spend quite some time on it so it's my favorite thing right now. I used to be a panster while writing fan fictions, thinking chapter by chapter and never plan ahead. So, this is something different for me. I'm looking forward to completing my MS after my exams this coming Monday. The outline definitely helps. 

What about you?


  1. Maybe I should try an outline.. I always just jump right in with a jumbled mess of thoughts that I've scribbled down in my journal..

    Here's mine: Keely @ Realms of an Open Mind

    Happy Writing :)

    1. Hi Keely, it will be a tough ride making the transition. You won't feel comfortable with it initially. However, do press on! In addition, many people have different ways of writing. Some do not even do outline at all but yet are still able to write a book. So it really depends on personal preferences. Hope you'll find your best method soon. :)

      Happy writing!

    2. I'm somewhere in the middle of you two, haha. I plan out the plot and the twists and stuff but I don't plan it all out chapter by chapter. I tried once but then I got a different idea when I was writing and I never went back haha.


      The Fiction Diaries

    3. I don't plan in deep details. Just brief notes here and there. (I have a feeling that I'll write out of my outline) :D