Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sit Down and Write Write-a-thon: Wrap up

Wrap Up Post
Goal: 20,000 words
Written: 11,925 words 
Acks, I only wrote slightly more than half of my goal! Goodness me... However, I felt I accomplished a lot. As I've mentioned in my earlier post, the nature of my work has kept me busy and drained. The most I can write after work is about 300-500 words but this week alone, I manage to write 11,925 words! I'm currently 26,191/50,000 words into my manuscript and YESSS I've finally manage to pass the halfway mark (even though it is already the third week...). Looking forward to the next weekend to write 10k+ words!

To fellow writers who are participating in the Camp Nanowrimo, Happy Writing! You have about a week left!